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About our Soaps

Hello! Thank you for visiting my online store. My name is Alehandra. I am latina, born and raised in Colombia. Now I live in Chicago, IL with my husband. I am the Soapmaker and Creator of Delucci. 

Our soap bars are what is called Authentic Real Soap. Which means that, they are made with a very antique technique of Saponification (Cold Process) by mixing natural oils and butters with a mix of alkali (lye) to create real Soap.
All of our soaps are handcrafted artistically and Luxuriously in small batches with Certified and Ethically sourced ingredients, High Quality Essential Oils and Fragrances, Vitamin E and Natural Clays . Free of detergents and chemical preservatives used in cosmetic soaps that damage and dry your skin, Last but not least. we are Vegan and Cruelty Free. 
I love to create eye-catching designs for all likes and styles, for every Season, Holiday or event, which make our products the perfect gift for yourself, your family and friends all year round. Each soap is unique, deliciously aromatic and a creative piece, that you will love to display in your bathroom or to give as a gift.

Small Batches Production
I work in small batches/collections that will be available in our website every month. Each batch of soap I create needs to cure for about 4-6 weeks before they can be sold, so you might see them in our social media platforms way earlier than on our website.
I'm always posting about the new collections coming up in advance, so that you can get be ready to get your soaps before the sell out. (Depending on the design, some of them may sell very fast!) So make sure to follow us in Facebook and Instagram and turn ON your notifications to make sure you don't miss our release dates.

My soaps are made with Natural High Quality ingredients. I use Certified Sustainable Oils and the best Fragrances and Essential oils available in the market. 

Some of our Delucci soaps are simply made with natural Essential oils and clays, for our friends that prefer the best ingredients that nature has to offer. 
And other of our collections, our most intricate designs are made with natural Micas to achieve vibrant colors, Biodegradable glitters and High Quality Fragrances inspired in designer brands, desserts, themes or famous holiday fragrances for more creative and fun soap styles to display. 
Our soaps are very soft, gentle and beneficial for your skin, and they smell delicious too! 
I have created my very own recipes with a Luxurious blend of oils, butters and natural additives that create the perfect balance for a clean, soft and moisturized skin. They are great for all types of skin but natural soaps are also very recommended for those with dry skin and for our friends who can't tolerate the regular commercial body/beauty bars that make the skin itchy. 
Because our soaps are handmade, each soap is different from the other, which makes each bar of soap special and Unique! There are never 2 batches identical from the other. 
We are Vegan and Cruelty Free! We don't use animals, animal milk's, eggs, fats or honey in our products and since our soaps are made for people, we only test them on people 😂. 

I am also conscious of the big impact plastic waste do to the Planet, so I try to use recyclable, Biodegradable/Ecofriendly materials.
Our soaps come wrapped in a paper cigar band like label with all the ingredients in each soap. In occasions for more intricate soap designs with embeds and tiny details, I might need to Shrink wrap the soaps to ensure they are safe during shipping but, I make sure to use get 100% Biodegradable plastic. 
When you buy more than 3 soaps, I will send you a Free beautiful Sisal pouch to help you protect your soap and extend the life of it. It's excellent to use for gifting, gentle exfoliation, provides extra lathering, you can use it for Traveling, to stuff with very small pieces of soap or, to place your soap after using to keep it dry and away from constant shower water hitting it. (Specially if you share the shower with your kids)

 Because our soaps are made with natural oils and butters free of synthetic preservatives or hardening chemicals, they might melt easier and faster than regular commercial bars, so is best to keep your soap bars as far a possible from constant running water to extend the life of your soap. 
After use, make sure your soap is placed in a shower soap holder and/or out of puddles of water at all times.

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